What We Do?

In recent years most companies have become acutely aware of the spiraling cost of the acquisition of new customers. A multitude of media & marketing channels are used to promote & sell products ranging from direct mail to the internet. Field Marketing & Sales has now become one of the major channels within the strategic marketing mix as it has been proven to be a very effective method of taking product, services or brand direct to the customer / end consumers in Marketing Pipeline.

How We Do?

To engage with the consumers in a more effective and efficient manner, we undertakes a more direct, face-to-face approach known as The Human Commercial. We believe that this approach has changed the world of face-to-face marketing and sales. We wish to go a step ahead and involve the consumers by giving them detailed information about the product/service and analyze how it benefits them or suits their requirements, interests, etc. Human Commercial is an effective means of Direct Marketing / Face to Face Marketing, and hence gives us a unique and competitive edge in Marketing & Sales Industry. Difference between Direct & Indirect form of Marketing and how it gives us an advantage being a Direct Marketing Service Providers:


Marketing that does not use intermediaries to distribute or sell products or services

Facilitates two way conversation
Customer Friendly
Calculable and faster/instant Results
Accurate data can be provided on the basis of results
More customer satisfaction


Marketing where intermediaries are use to distribute or sell products or services

Indirect marketing techniques focus on building a relationship with potential customers, creating brand awareness, and establishing credibility, rather than directly selling a product or service.



Business to Business

Targeted at SME (small to medium enterprises) shops, industrial areas and corporate offices (any place of business) where the client wishes to promote and secure customers and support in the workplace environment


Tele marketing

Targeting to end consumers in a friendly way and acquiring customer with a clear advantage of targeting people through telephone as required by clients.


Business to Corporate

Targeted at Government Institutions and Organization where the client wishes to approach government offices and workplaces.


Mall Events

Event Based Marketing is done through Kiosks, Mall events, corporate events, special Events etc., through which we reach out to multiple customer base at one particular setup only, through which we maximize collective market and audience which is beneficial in terms of revenue generation as well saves lot of time


Road trips

Our brand ambassadors, work in local territories on a day to day basis, & yielding maximum possible results from the same becomes little difficult. So, to maximize the results we have come up with a unique marketing solution called as ROAD TRIPS, these road trips are carried out by a team of our brand ambassadors , wherein they approach customers/consumers in untapped territories or market for our clients by setting up a virtual office for 7-10 days in that respective territories.

Creating A Connection

The genius of face-to-face sales is the fact that it creates an instant and lasting connection with consumers. In an increasingly digital world, faceless marketing is now commonplace, but we believe that people still respond most strongly to other people. This is where our approach really comes into its own.
Using the Human Commercial, the brand ambassadors in our network engage with people in a professional and friendly way, leaving a positive and enduring impression of the brands they represent. This is in stark contrast to TV adverts, websites, Smartphone pop-ups and other impersonal promotional methods. While these approaches certainly have their uses and can be highly effective, they lack the human element of face-to-face sales.

Delivering A Tailored Message

The Human Commercial involves delivering highly tailored messages that are interesting and relevant to consumers individual needs and preferences.
Using the technique, brand ambassadors enter into dialogues with prospective customers and provide well-informed answers to any questions they may have. Again, other marketing channels like TV advertisements obviously work, but they cant do that! In this way, the Human Commercial TM is not simply about selling to people instead it is about respecting them and making sure that they have the best possible experiences. In turn, this can enable consumers to make confident, informed decisions and it helps to ensure they are positively engaged in the products or services that our brand ambassadors represent.
So that they are able to deliver the detailed information that consumers expect and want, the brand ambassadors in our network have in-depth knowledge about the products and services they sell. This comes across immediately when they interact with customers.

Our Channels To Market

Delivering the customer a positive brand experience is at the heart of any experiential campaign. We want the customer to walk away thinking Wow, that was good! Its more than just sales or marketing; sometimes its the combination of both in an immersive environment. Open communication in customer/consumer friendly environment resulting to an accelerated sales growth leading to more productivity, brand awareness & a heightened customer Satisfaction & thus create an everlasting BRAND EXPERIENCE to the end consumer.